About the artist

I live in Portland, Oregon, with my wife and our cats.

I’ve spent the last several years exploring a series of physical media, working in particular in oil and watercolor paints, stained glass, linocut blockprinting, and plotter drawings.  I have a strong interest in geometric and mathematical forms, an inclination toward process-based and self-documenting artwork, and a durable fixation on the Menger sponge and related fractal objects.

When I’m not making art, I run the long-standing web community MetaFilter, where I go by the nickname “cortex”.

Feel free to email me at josh@joshmillard.com.

I maintain a Patreon blog for contemporaneous updates about new work and process stuff; I also post about art regularly on various social media: Instagram as josh_cortex_millard, Mastodon as @joshmillard@mastodon.social, twitter as @joshmillard

I make much of my smaller work directly available for purchase on my online store; if you have questions about purchasing, commissioning, availability, etc, please don’t hesitate to email me.